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January 03, 2006

Infomedia Revolution Revisited

This is a running post: Updated 15 Sept, 2006:
Infomedia has different names, (may be in a new bottle). See for instance what paidcontent.org's Rifat Ali has to say: "By social media we mean all the ways in which media, entertainment and information (MEI) industries are colliding with users as part of the mix." continue reading more about this social media...

A news item in National Post (Canada), January 3, 2006, carried header, A trade show this week will raise the curtain on gadgetry linking data, music and video -and a headline, "PCs, TVs together at last." This article originally appeared in New York Times, with a different title, as given below.
Data, Music, Video: Raising a Curtain on Future Gadgetry
Published: January 2, 2006
... But the biggest trend expected at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which begins this week in Las Vegas, is that these machines will be communicating with one another. The theme of this year's show might best be described as Convergence: This Time We Mean It.
For more than a decade, manufacturers of consumer electronics like televisions and audio gear have talked about blending their products with personal computers, so that consumers can enjoy a seamless stream of data, video and music anywhere. It has not happened, because the two industries do not have compatible technology standards and the requisite high-speed Internet connections have not been widespread enough.

...I am just amazed, reading the above NEWS. How true was Frank Koelsch's pathfinder on media convergence (McGraw-Hill, 1995). Read Frank's book:
The Infomedia Revolution: How It Is Changing Our World and Your Life by Frank Koelsch [A glance at the contents gives a feel of what is this all about: Part I: The Infomedia Imperative, Part II: Home Sweet Electronic Home, Part III: The Information Superhighway, Part IV: Infomedia: Revolutionizing Business, Industry and Government, Part V: Changing Our Lives]
Book Info: Author gives us powerful insights into how technology is reshaping our world. This book is a welcome survey from a seasoned observer and analyst of the collision of the world's most powerful industries - media, telecommunications, entertainment and technology. DLC: Telecommunications.

... More by Frank Koelsch"
Bridging the business-IT divide - experts show how
...Google on Media Convergence
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