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January 31, 2006

Mindfulness visualized - A faith-based perspective

How do the faithful use mindfulness in order to find solace, healing, peace, etc.?
Subzero Blue: Echoing the voices inside my head...
While surfing around the web, I came across the site Visual Dhikr, which is for an art project launched by two UK Muslim artists Ruh Al-'Alam and Abu Taha.
Visual Dhikr aims to help nurture the revival of Islamic Art in a contemporary fashion that compliments our lives, in our home, in the modern age.

See: Visual Dhikr - Contemporary Islamic Art
The Visualization Sourcebook: Using Imagination, Intuition, and Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves, Our Communities, and Our Planet
Margo Adair

Universoulightforms! Psychedelic Lightshow Artwork
We are a Visual Arts Laboratory dedicated to bringing you collectible
psychedelic lightshow art.

See also:
..."Visual Remembrance and the Democratic Sublime," co-authored with John Louis Lucaites, Conference on Visual Rhetorics, University of Iowa, August 2000 source
...Huntsville Center for Conscious Living: Spiritual Peacemaking Taken Personally
...Where's Mork when you need him?, Reviews Written by
A. Joseph Haschka (Glendale, CA USA)
Those vignettes can be edited by a "Cutter" to create a visual remembrance of the deceased. A sort of "This Is the Best of Your Life" souvenir for the survivors. Alan Hakman (Robin Williams) is such a Cutter, one of the best in the business when it comes to cleaning up a depraved life's visual record into something suitable for family viewing at the wake.
...Dr Helena Miller, Should we integrate the Visual Arts with Religious Education? A Jewish Perspective - May 2001. FARMINGTON PAPERS PUBLISHED

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