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January 05, 2006

President Kalam’s list of must-read books for children

A voracious reader himself, President APJ Abdul Kalam has suggested five must-read titles for children during 2006.
Addressing the 13th National Children's Science Congress on Wednesday, the President said, "I want you all to finish this homework in 2006. You should read five books -

..Journey into Light, Life and Science of CV Raman (The MIT Press, 1975) by G Venkataraman
..A Brief History of Time (Bantam, 1998) by Stephen Hawking
..Empire of Mind (Harper, 1996) by Denis Waitly
..Parallel Worlds (Doubleday, 2004) by Michao Kaku, and
..The Best of Indian Physics (Nova Science Publishers, 2005) by Dr B. G. Siddharth.

Stating that knowledge and courage were the two attributes found predominantly in great and successful scientists, the President exhorted the children to show the courage to think differently, to invent, to discover the impossible and to combat problems successfully. More @ Sify News, Fri Jan 06 2006

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India: E-learning's knight in shining armour Saturday, January 07, 2006
So if you are a writer, a software professional, a graphic artist or a management professional, living in one of the metros; chances are you must have received an email or a call from the headhunters offering a job at one of e-learning companies. The e-learning companies are hiring big time, poaching from themselves or fighting hard to retain people. The salaries of the e-learning professionals are headed skywards. The market is booming and if the head honchos are to be believed, things are going to get only better and bigger in the time to come

See also: A P J Kalam, the author captures in South Korea, February 9 2006, Indiainfo.com.

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