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January 14, 2006

Bending perception, blending real with virtual - Visualization marches ahead

Goggles and joysticks are out. Virtual reality now means polarising filters, laptops and projection screens MICHAEL RUSH
Indian Express, Sunday, January 15, 2006
THE word ‘‘virtual’’ means ‘‘the same, but not really’’. A simulation, an adjunct to the real. The world has been irrevocably altering, along with the ‘‘reality’’. Soon, we may find it impossible to distinguish the virtual from the real. From Peter Jackson’s largely computer-based reimagining of the love story between the ape and the blonde to PlayStation’s latest interactive bloodbath, producers of entertainment are promulgating digital wizardry, and the public is falling for it. ‘‘Multi-player online role-playing games’’ are challenging movies. (The King Kong version was released the same day as the film.)<< Read the full news story

About Michael Rush is a museum director, curator, and author/critic. He was Director and Chief Curator of the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art from 2000-2004. He is the author of New Media in Late 20th-Century Art and Video Art, both published by Thames and Hudson, London. A revised New Media in Art will be published this spring. He has been a regular contributor to The New York Times, Art in America, artnet and several other publications. He was chief art and theater critic for The New Haven Register and has published more than 300 reviews and essays in several publications. He is currently contributing to the revised media catalogue of the Centre Pompidou collection and curating exhibitions for the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid and the Krannert Art Museum at the Univ. of Illinois. He is the host of "Rush Interactive," an internet radio program on wps1.org His numerous curatorial projects have included BROOKLYN!; Japan:Rising; Video Jam; Sue Williams: Mid-Career Survey and Marjetica Potrè:Urgent Architecture, which was recently honored as one of the best shows of 2004 by the International Assoc. of Art Critics, US division in a ceremony at the Museum of Modern Art.

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