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January 20, 2006

The Hajj Stampede in Graphics - Visualization of the pathway

Did you know about the following: Hajj, Mina, Jamarat Bridge's Tragedy - 2006?
The stoning ritual at Mina, outside Mecca, is one of the most dangerous aspects of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Thursday’s stampede, in which atleast 262 people died, happened on the entrance ramp to the Jamarat Bridge as pilgrims thronged to cast stones at three pillars representing the devil. more... Alternative source: BBC's In graphics: Hajj stampede

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Huwa Allah, Creator, Originater, Shaper (Al Musawwir), To Hu belong The Most Beautiful Names (Quran 59.24).
A wonderful tradition of Islam are the 99 beautiful names of God, or the Asma Al Husna
Al Musawwir, being one of the names.
A possible interpertation of this name is The Bestower of Beautiful Forms.
Sheikh Ibn al-Arabi says: "Know that the divine beauty through which God is named "Beautiful," and by which he described Himself in His messenger's words, "He loves beauty," is in all things. There is nothing but beauty, for God created the cosmos only in His form, and He is beautiful. Hence all cosmos is beautiful." ... A sound report has come in the Sahih of Muslim from God's Messenger that he said "God is beautiful, and He loves beauty." He is the artisan of the cosmos, and He gave it existence in His form. (The Self Disclosure of God - William Chittick - pp. 28, 29). continued

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