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July 29, 2006

Wheels for Google, Google on Wheels

Here, visualization of Google is neither about physical wheels nor about googling for a four wheel drive.
No way.
Google is going fullspeed and needs no wheels, as yet. This post is not even about the Google's Wheel of Fortune!!! And, it also not about what is in another blog: Google: Won't Re-Invent the Wheel or the Browser
In short, it is none of the above.

What is below is another spin of the wheel--Spinning in alpha-numeric terms.

By the way. Wheel has its own ax (or axe) and like all the holy words, wheel has secular, spiritual, magical and mystical dimensions. First the transcendental nexus:
"Chakra in Hindu means "wheel." In Buddhist, Jainist, and Hindu beliefs, Chakras are vital energy centers in the body. continue reading"

And, now the alpha-numeric, with a slant towards digital inspiration:
Information visualization of Google using the wheel gives extra energy to this virtual domain.

See the following two samples:
Google Number Wheel by Philipp Lenssen, July 28, 2006

Google Alphabets Wheel: English Alphabets in Google Search Results by Amit Agarwal on 7/29/2006

Inspired heavily by Google Number Wheel that's a brainchild of Philipp Lenssen, here's a different version of Google Wheel for English Alphabets.

It is easy to read the graph. Each pie segment on the circle denotes the number of Google search results for a particular alphabet. For instance, Google Web search returned 24 billion documents containing the alphabet "a" while just 1.7 billion results for alphabet "q".

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