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July 16, 2006

Visualizing Traffic At My Blog Via Mapping The Pathways

A running post, last updated Feb 3, 2007.

This is a sequel to my previous post: Visualizing Comments on Blogs

I am given to understand that 'high blog traffic flows in' if we are writing about Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, Pat Robertson, (or "Even something inane and mundane gets to be a hit at times"). Read more on this minsdet in my above mentioned blog post

Today, I found another site that instructs on this very subject, but in a different way:

Blogs need SEO too, by Neil Patel, July 05, 2006

Here are the most common mistakes that I see on blogs:

1. Most blogs do not have meta description tags. You can find a plugin for your blogging platform that will easily add it to each post. You can setup the meta description tag to automatically pull the first sentence from your blog post.

2. The URL strings on many blogs are dynamic instead of static. You do not want extraneous characters in your blog.
You want clean URLs like this

3. Most blogs state their name in the title tag and then the title of the post.
PaulStamatiou.com - Search Engine Optimization 101
The two should be reversed.
Search Engine Optimization 101 - PaulStamatiou.com. Continue reading from Blogs need SEO too

Measure Map Feeds - and a new Widget
Looking for better representation sources, I found this write up on widget. And, I signed up for Google's venture: Measure Map. But, I don't have access to it, as of now. I believe it helps in visualizing the blog traffic, graphically. If you know of any similar tool (other than Google Analytics) please let me know.

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    Punch Line:
    Two views about the repeat visitors
    Repeat visitors are not a good measurement either - I used to visit Toronto.com a lot, but only because they were really the only game in town. Did I like their site? Not really ... but I kept coming back out of necessity. Continue reading: AJAX Feedback Mechanism

    I looked at your traffic stats. What do they tell you? How do you interpret the fact that you get almost NO repeat visitors? Study some A List, high traffic blogs in your field or just in general. What are they doing that you might consider doing? Continue reading

    With malice towards none: My repeat visitors in one day (i.e., today) is 12%; and since birth of this blog, repeat visits are 34% on the whole.

    Now, do you have any comments on the above two observations and this real-time picture of my blog's traffic, as seen below:

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