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March 26, 2014

How big companies use colours to affect your emotions

Does McDonalds make you feel 'joyful'? Infographic reveals the psychology of colour and how it's used in advertising, Daily Mail, ByVictoria Woollaston

  • Psychologists recently found logos are hardwired into our brains
  • We identify logos from the age of two, and link products in 67% of cases
  • Researchers from Chicago used colour psychology to study popular logos
  • It found Google's green Android is associated with peace and hope
  • McDonald's' yellow arches were found to instill feelings of joy and energy
  • While the orange used by Fanta is synonymous with creativity
  • THE PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR @ elvingarcia.com

    Red: Associated with intensity, passion and aggressiveness.
    Examples: YouTube and Red Bull
    Blue: Associated with trust, confidence, and ‘depth and stability of the sky and sea’
    Examples: Samsung and Ford
    Yellow: Associated with joy and energy.
    Examples: Ferrari and McDonalds
    Green: Associated with the ‘harmony of nature’, relaxation and hope.
    Examples: Android and Starbucks
    Purple: The colour purple is linked to the ‘luxury of royalty’.
    Example: by Cadbury, FedEx and Yahoo.
    Orange: Associated with feelings of enthusiasm and creativity.
    Examples: Mozilla’s Firefox and Fanta.
    Pink: Associated with feminine traits, warmth, love and nurturing.
    Examples: Barbie, LG
    Black: Bold, luxurious and associated with the ‘formality and mystery of the night’.
    Examples: BlackBerry and Tiffany and Co.
    Brown: Dependable and reliable.
    Example: UPS and M&Ms
    Text below and Infographic by Financesonline.com @
    Companies like Pepsi spend millions of dollars on their logos, but some iconic logos like Google and Coca-Cola didn’t cost a single penny and they have remained almost unchanged since they were originally designed. This may well be due to their clever use of colors and the psychology of emotions behind them. On the other hand, having an elite logo is well worth the cost. Some logos, like Apple or Nike, are so powerful they don’t even need word-marks to be recognizable. In fact, psychologists proved that famous logos are so wired into our brains, that at the age of 2 kids can already link a product with its logo in 67% of cases.  
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