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June 05, 2006

Visual Signatures and Information Visualization

What is a visual signature?

Is it your picture, you leave with your comment?
Is it your comments, per se?
Is it your logo that you carry?
Is it your name plate that is visual?
Is it your brand that is visible?
Is it the stamp (captured by the web traffic log) that you leave after your visit ?

An answer, to the above question, could be any one, or all of the above.

What the experts in the field of information visualization say about it? I am searching. But, as of now, I have no way to quote or cite them. [Google, if you wish Lets proceed.

Read the following extracts, and you may be able to visualize the true colors of visual signature:
  • I am not who I am, I am what I do (online...)
    We are adding a new dimension to everyone's online persona: what you look like, your "visual signature". As for all the other dimensions (email, phone number, credit card number...), I believe that noone should ever be able to learn anything about me by just knowing what I look like (and vice versa !) more...
    Graphic design and visual "signature" graphics are not used simply to enliven Web pages - graphics are integral to the user's experience with your site. In interactive documents graphic design cannot be separated from issues of interface design. Read further...

  • What about Signature?? (requires you to sign in, or take Ecademy Membership to read all comments)
    The themes discussed include: Visualization supports Communication, What about signaure?, etc.
  • Visual thinking practice: Finding your visual voice, by dave gray
    ... Your visual voice is that intangible which makes your sketches, doodles, and whiteboard scribbles uniquely yours and no one else's. You could think of it as your visual signature. Here's a way to discover it. Continue to visualize

  • Gemplus? Lookthatup, By Fritz Nelson
    ...The software can assess color, shape and texture using a visual signature of the image. The technology uses an image analyzer that "enhances, indexes, recognizes and retrieves images." Keep reading...

  • Dynamic Signatures, AQStats.com
    A signature graphic that is compatible with the Battleon Forums as well as phpBB forums. The signature displays the statistics of a character in AdventureQuest. A JavaScript-based signature creator can be used as a visual signature editor. The signature can be created by hand, using the following URL format:
    http://sig.aqstats.com/font:color;line:(color|none);bg:(color|image|transparent);sigtype:style/characterID.(png|gif) Read further...

  • you may be redirected from Visual Signature Verification to the software used for Signature Verification
  • Using Mnemonic TechniquesAs Part Of Pictorial InterfaceFor Self-identification Of Illiterate Villagers, by Dinesh S. Katre details in pdf file

    Anyways. If you are not happy with the above, let me know, I will continue my research. Any comments?
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