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June 29, 2006

To perceive other viewpoints or to see things in new ways

Thanks. I found a great reflection for those whose stream of consciousness lies in information visualization.***

See Diane Levin's blog for her visualization on this article:

Back to the future: South American indigenous Aymara people have mirror-image understanding of time,
One of the benefits mediation affords to participants is the opportunity to shift their perspective--to perceive other viewpoints or to see things in new ways. [And much more about this story on Back to the future... ]

See also blogs that are busy with this concept

The Punch Line:
Just-in-case you thought the world is only in the Northern Hemisphere, please bear in mind, there is a Southern Hemisphere, as well.
See a Tamil context of this time (one of oldest language, culture, and civilization in India):
As a native Tamil speaker, I find this fascinating, because we have very similar linguistic references to time. Consider these Tamil words and sentences ... continue And, you will find, herein, a comment from another Tamil scholar attesting this historicity of Back to the future from the Tamil point-of-view.

And, just-in-time if you already have all this understanding, please proceed and visualize something different, but from an East-Asian cultural context. Click here: The Sensor Clock: Please Keep Jokes to a Minimum

***UPDATE: A coincidence - After I published this reflection, I came across another blog, whose title is: Agelessbonding, and whose subtitle is: What I see from where I am and how I see it. Continue reading from Agelessbonding [Note: this blog exists, almost, since three years: 10/01/2003]


Usha said...

And you had to reach me just a day after you wrote that!!!
Wow, the power of the internet to connect totally unrelated people - are nt we lucky to be living in this age and time.

M Taher said...

Thank you Usha for your comments and the good words.

Best, Mohamed