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December 25, 2005

Cyber Worship - Look & Feel

My new book from Scarecrow Press. Due to be released shortly.

Interestingly, I found two blogs mention this phrase: Cyber Worship: [Faith] Cyber-members and Knowledge
A Sensational Development in the Cyber World (The Hindu Newspaper (17/07/03)!
A recent research in the University of Buffalo on Virtual Reality indicates the possibility to transmit the "Sense of Touch" though Internet. After the progress in transmission of "Smell" through Internet and "Connectivity" through "Fabric", the new possibility opens up avenues for the use of Internet in creating virtual reality through remote networking.

Ms. K. Sowmya and V.Vishwadhara, students, St Joseph's College of Engineering, Chennai have demonstrated the concept of "Experiencing Smell Through Electronic Reality" (ESTER) through a prototype of a "Scented e-card" in front of an international audience in Los Angeles (Indian Express (8/7/2003, City Express, Chennai).

In 2001 the Delhi based Sandeep Jaidka and Kewal Kohli obtained the world's first patent on the creation of smell and sensation through multimedia from the United States Patent Office. This invention relied on digitally encoded signals to produce a variety of sensations not specific to an enclosed or open space. Hopefully the Cyber World will be soon open to the third sensory dimension of smell beyond the senses of vision and audio. More

About my book:
Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives explores worship on the Net. It is not about ‘everything you need to know’ even on the subjects of faith & belief. This book is just about religious and spiritual experience under the rubric, cyber worship --worship as (Prayer, Praise, Scripture, Sacrament, Rituals, Confessions, Eucharist, Rites, Pilgrimages, Reflection, Contemplation, etc.) performed in cyberspace. The term ‘Cyber Worship’ includes variants, such as, religions-online, online-religions, religions on the Net, religions in the cyberspace, online worship, virtual worship, electronic prayer, cyber church, e-prarthana, cyber puja, cyber salat, cyber Hajj, cyber synagogue, cyber Minyan, so on and so forth.

Neither, cyber worship is a rival temple, nor multifaith a new religion. Here in a generic sense Multifaith is used to signify multiple faiths representing a unity in diversity. It includes first, mainstream religions & spirituality, and second alternative traditions of belief & practice. Alternative traditions, here include, alternative systems of belief religious practices, non-mainstream spiritualities, new age movements, non-traditional movements, paganism, non-conformists, cults, etc.

Contents (brief)
•Preface ix
•Credits: Copyright and Permission xi
•1. Cyber Worship/Meditation Webwise: Noah, Abraham and Beyond 1
•2. Cyber Worship as-is On the Web 67
•3. Fast Track to Multifaith Resources for Cyber Worship 109
•4. Navigating the Deep Sacred Space via Experiences of the Wise 137
•5. Glossary: A Pathfinder for Future History 301
•5.1 Appendix: Cyber Worship’s Web Feet: Metadata for Digital Information – Webliography 314
•5.2 Appendix: Cyber Worship: Web Evaluation - Questionnaire and Survey Results 314
•Bibliography 325
•Index 329

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ratchtaphol said...

oh! write very well...

M Taher said...

Thanks ratchtaphol.

I saw your blog, and the Thai pics. They are excellent visualization.
Keep up the good work.

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