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December 27, 2005

Call Centre (s) Culture in-making

Initiation to this subject:
Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit by Laura Penny

Return on Investment (ROI) - visual measures:
Call Centre Culture
Ok, this will probably bore y'all to tears, but a recent email to a friend reminded me that call centre have their own unique language and culture that not everyone speaks....so, here's a primer on the language.....
talk time - the amount of time spent on each call. Where I work, the goal is 140 seconds per call. Mine is usually about 120

Call Centers Suck
One of the hardest parts of this job is not the rote behavior or the lack of freedom, but the knowledge that the hundred people that I talk to on a daily basis do not make the connection that they are speaking to a human being and therefore the “Golden Rule” does not apply. I have been called every name in the book. My life has been threatened. The insinuation that I am somehow “lesser” because I am on the receiving end of that call is a constant current that flows just under the surface of my workday.

Striking the wrong chord
Screaming at the top of your voice every time you lose your temper can cause more trouble than giving you a bad throat. Doctors say misuse of voice, or rather, overuse of voice can lead to vocal fold ruptures....
Doctors say tension at workplace and an overload of work can worsen the problem. “When patients approach us with problems, we suggest they take sessions with a speech therapist. We guide them about vocal hygiene. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the problem — like in case of polyps — surgery is the only option,” said Dr Ameet Kishore at Apollo Hospital.

Taking Catalog Calls
One thing is clear, that this is NOT the place to work if you want any sort of job satisfaction or career growth. The whole place is a virtual revolving door of customers and employees.

The Great Telemarketing Lie
Shining India’s swanky new sweatshops
Call Center Services Online
Among all the changes which one sees- some good, some bad, some real and some just cosmetic, the most conspicuous to me was the seemingly increasing outsourcing of the American lifestyle to the youth of India.
Call Center Killers and How To Prevent Them
The call center debate

Occupational Hazards:
Capture-Recapture Estimation of Unreported Work-Related. Musculoskeletal Disorders in Connecticut.
Noise Induced Hearing Loss, Googlesphere and
Noise Induced Hearing Loss, Googlesphere
call-centres "hearing loss'
Shocking News About Call Centres. With the growth of the call centre industry, acoustic shock may become a major new occupational injury of the 21st century ...
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Call Centre Noise Hazards - Over 1 Million Call Centre Operators ...Call Centre Noise Hazards - Over 1 Million Call Centre Operators in the UK at Risk, PRNewswire. Entf. ...

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum : Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How To Restore The Sanity by Alan Cooper
For more books see my Listmania Amazon.com:
Call Centre / Customer Service: A Culture in making

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Ayesha said...

Thanks for dropping by, good to know a fellow mysorean. Keep connected!

Brian Prows said...

Having been in the call center industry for over 15 years, I appreciate and emphathize with many of the writer's (employees') situations, However, I'd point out that despite the negativity and poor treatment documented by this blog's writers, call centers in whole provide a means for two human beings to talk with each other about problems, concerns and situations that would be difficult to resolve in other ways. Amazon.com is one example. Try finding a phone number to call on its website. Not there. "Contact" centers today, whether run by the company itself (Charles Schwab, for example) or larger, outsourced centers corporate or outsourced, SOLVE thousands of customer problems and answer thousands of questions each day. True, J.D. Powers and other similar firms consistently show lower-than-desired customer satisfaction levels within different industries (the cellular carriers' call centers are frequently rated low), but, overall, from the customers' viewpoint, call centers are necessary and desirable. From the employees' standpoint, it's true that the treatment of CSR's has been poor in many cases. However, as the contact indusry continues to mature, management realizes that only by paying decent wages, offering continuous training and upward mobility and maintaining high morale will companies maintain both customer AND employee satisfaction. Keep in mind we're not talking just about traditional inbound call centers that accept phone calls, described by the other responders to this blog. The contact center--whether corporate or outsourced--offers proactive phone calling to assess customer satisfaction and present new products and services. Email and chat services for customers who prefer writing rather than talking are growing. The contact center is a vital part of doing business today. Certainly, improvements are constantly needed, but let's paint a complete picture of the industry.

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