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This blogsphere attempts to capture, catalog and share resources relating to visual perception of information. It is about a world mostly dealing with Physical (Touch, Taste, See/Sight, Smell and Hear) and sometimes Metaphysical (and that is none-of-the-above category). Physical, for instance, touch (e.g., feel, felt, found), look and visualization, is here with an attempt to combine verbal, vocal and visual--to synchronously see, hear, share and do much more. Interestingly, in order to visualize one does not need special skills, competencies, etc. It is all about common sense, especially with human visualizations. In short, "information is in the eye of the beholder." Continue reading much more all-ado-about this Blogosphere

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October 07, 2009

Visualization of Google Barcodes: Happy birthday barcode

2009: Google bar code logo latest in ‘doodle’ line

Google celebrates the 57th anniversary of the first bar code patent.

Google Barcodes


It's Springtime For Symbology - Everything Is Coming Up Color

On the same shelf, a barcode for our blog and our site:

by Barcodes Inc

by Barcodes Inc

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Paul Levinson said...

Happy to see the important work you are doing in this visualization of information.