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July 21, 2007

Visual Design as an Information Design tool

NB. Design, Visual perception and Web Sight all go here hand-in-hand

This is what an information architect @ Yahoo, Abhishek Kumar says, and I quote

Visual Design or Graphic Design as people might call it; has been mostly associated with the Experience and Look n Feel part of design. But Visual design is tremendously powerful tool when it comes to information design / information architecture. I personally feel the real power of this has not been truly utilized on the web. With usage of the age old “Gestalts Law” information can be presented in a very interesting manner. The kind of tools that Visual design uses are – Typography, Color, Placement, Layout, Texture/patterns, etc. continue reading


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I agree with the author about the importance of visual design. Unfortunately it doesn't come hand-in-hand with the SEO. Visual design usually requires more server-side and client-side resources and has no impact on the search engines.

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Looks like a great way to convey data - saves time and money.

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Looks like a great way to convey data - saves time and money.