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April 16, 2007

Add Sense to your AdSense: Visualizing the Return on Investment?

This post is regularly updated. Last update May 5, 2007

Thought for the day on Return on Investment (ROI):
If only things could talk, they could tell us who made them and where they'd been. If they were lost, they could shout, "Here I am!" If they were damaged, mistreated, neglected or expired, they could tell us that, too. They could tell us how to use them, repair them and dispose of them safely. Are you reading me? KEN HUNT, Globe and Mail, 11/04/07

Visualization is creating a mental picture of something in your mind's eye. Visualization techniques are important because they help make the future become more clear. Seeing yourself already achieving your goals makes your brain believe that attaining that goal is possible. Focusing consistently on any given goal will enable you to manifest it far sooner than if you do not focus on it at all; focusing brings the goal closer to you. Tips For Mastering Visualization Techniques, By Scott White Published 03/22/2007

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