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January 13, 2007

Information Visualization at Seth's blog

I noticed two posts that add value to this blog

  • Turning your idea into a picture
    David at Boingboing points us to: A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods.
    I love the spectacular use of technology on this web page. I hate the twisted use of the periodic table (because the relationships between the types isn't natural or elegant the way chemicals are) but it's worth it, because it will certainly inspire you to figure out how to get out of your text rut.

  • Two kinds of people in the world...

    NB. As a bonus to this visualization (not from Seth's Blog), see also: Writing Style, By Gender posted at Jerry’s Blog–Because Wit Happens

    Here’s an interesting site where you can paste in some text and, based on a mathematical algorithm (there’s a link to the scientific paper), the text is analyzed and can generally make a pretty accurate determination as to whether the text was written by a man or a woman. (Be sure and scroll down after you’ve tried this to see which words you’ve used are considered “male” and “female”).

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    [image courtesy: Idle Advice]
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