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May 28, 2006

Visual Communication Vistas Revisited

What a co-incidence (serendipity is not in fashion, any more)!!!

Oops! Some including the founder of the Web, nevertheless comfortably call this process of finding the unexpected Web resources, as serendipity.
View his words:
"You get this tremendous serendipity where I can search the internet and come across a site that I did not set out to look for." Tim Berners-Lee, in Web inventor warns of 'dark' net, BBC News, To Listen to him voice and watch the video here
But, let me add a message (before it is lost in the medium). I did a post in my previous blog on anti-social networking (READ: Isolatr Vis-a-Vis unifier on the Web ). And, today I found a blog that links social communication using the media and a medium.
Thanks to Dave for such a thoughtful blog, viz., Communication Nation.

Anyways, I found three interesting Visual Communication resources:
  • A quote that is very relevant here:
    “The events communicate in a variety of ways -- the spoken word, the visual -- and we don't bypass the opportunity to communicate in the visual. In fact we invest in it. After all, sometimes it's the visuals that get you into the news,” Rob Stutzman at thinkexist.com

  • Communication Nation, by dave gray, Founder and CEO of XPLANE, the visual thinking company.
    Herein, I enjoyed Visual thinking with Legos

  • Visual Mind - Mind Mapping Software:
    Visual Mind is a powerful tool that will help you in your daily work, whether the purpose is business or personal related.

    Through a mind friendly and simple to use interface, you can visualize your thinking, quickly arrange and organize your work, all to benefit you as well as people around you.

    What do you think about this content, as well as, approach to communications? Does the above help you in adding value to business & / or daily life; or what have you to add on, please bring in, asap.

    Note: This is a sequel to my previous Visual Communication vistas
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