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This blogsphere attempts to capture, catalog and share resources relating to visual perception of information. It is about a world mostly dealing with Physical (Touch, Taste, See/Sight, Smell and Hear) and sometimes Metaphysical (and that is none-of-the-above category). Physical, for instance, touch (e.g., feel, felt, found), look and visualization, is here with an attempt to combine verbal, vocal and visual--to synchronously see, hear, share and do much more. Interestingly, in order to visualize one does not need special skills, competencies, etc. It is all about common sense, especially with human visualizations. In short, "information is in the eye of the beholder." Continue reading much more all-ado-about this Blogosphere

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January 14, 2010

Subliminal Advertising - What you see is what you get, but not necessarily what you want to know

WYSIWYG --(What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get)-- (pronounced /ˈwɪziˌwɪg/), and it's true colors are here.

"A clip from the movie, Josie and the Pussycats, explaining subliminal advertising through music"

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