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This blogsphere attempts to capture, catalog and share resources relating to visual perception of information. It is about a world mostly dealing with Physical (Touch, Taste, See/Sight, Smell and Hear) and sometimes Metaphysical (and that is none-of-the-above category). Physical, for instance, touch (e.g., feel, felt, found), look and visualization, is here with an attempt to combine verbal, vocal and visual--to synchronously see, hear, share and do much more. Interestingly, in order to visualize one does not need special skills, competencies, etc. It is all about common sense, especially with human visualizations. In short, "information is in the eye of the beholder." Continue reading much more all-ado-about this Blogosphere

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June 23, 2007

Pay but don’t touch – Security, Satisfaction, and Expectation

Arby’s rolls out ‘contactless’ payment cards
By: Robert L. Mitchell
Computerworld (US) (08 Jun 2007)

  • Are Contactless Payment Cards Tickets to Wholesale Fraud?
    By Jeff Chasney, CIO, CKE Restaurants, August 18, 2005
  • US heading towards cashless society - 01 May 2007 - Computing.co.uk
  • Key Changes Facing the Smart Cards Industry - the Contactless Payment Technology Opportunities, May 31, 2007, Business Wire
  • RFID Cards for New York Subway Tolls,
    Filed in archive Contactless Payment Systems by Anita Campbell on March 21, 2006
  • Contactless Credit Cards: Privacy Holes? October 24, 2006 [Radio Frequency Identification news] RFID Gazette: Applications

  • 'smart' city....what about citizens?
  • June 15, 2007

    Eye to I: Visual Literacy

    ACRL Arts Section / Instruction Section, 2007 Conference Program, ALA, Washington, D.C.
    Welcome to the home of the virtual poster sessions that are being offered in conjunction with the ACRL Instruction Section/Arts Section program at ALA 2007 in Washington D.C. entitled Eye to I: Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy. The poster sessions will be available through this site through December, 2007. Please use the links at the right to view the poster sessions that illustrate practical applications of the intersection of visual literacy and information literacy. We hope you will also plan to attend the program at ALA in June! continue reading

    contact:Meghan Sitar
    Instruction and Outreach Librarian
    Library Instruction Services
    University of Texas Libraries
    The University of Texas at Austin

    June 04, 2007

    Microsoft Brings Computing to Tabletops

    By Barry Levine
    May 30, 2007 9:03AM

    Microsoft's latest tech, called Microsoft Surface, can identify physical objects in addition to finger movements; for example, when a diner sets down a wine glass, Surface can automatically offer additional wine choices tailored to the dinner being eaten. "We see this as a multibillion-dollar category," said Microsoft's Steve Ballmer. continue reading