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February 09, 2013

US designer draws map with 176 country-shaped words

What sums up your country’s history in one word?: euronews
"What does written history say about a country in as concise a way possible? It’s a question that Martin Elmer has tried to answer with his typographic map “Laconic History of the World”, which manages to combine historical and geographical data in a stunningly simple visualization. 
Elmer, a freelance graphic designer and cartographer based in Wisconsin, USA, drew this world map with 176 country-shaped words last December. Each of them is actually – and that’s the brilliantly simplistic part – the most common word in the corresponding country’s Wikipedia article titled “History of _____.”
This is reason why the map is called laconic, a word meaning `concise´ or `terse´, since it portrays human history with just a handful of words."
... But beware, some countries’ most common word are the name of a nearby country: India for Pakistan, Ethiopia for Eritrea. So euronews does not recommend you use this map if you have a geography exam. 
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Infographic: Google Search VS Facebook Graph Search


Google Search VS Facebook Graph Search

by Owaeis N.
Infographic: Google Search VS Facebook Graph Search

Infographic via gggadgets.com

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