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March 22, 2011

Social Networks Leave Americans Open To ID Theft

WebProNews, Written by Mike Sachoff on 22 March 2011
...“American’s lack of caution in friending members of the opposite sex online is striking,” said Thomas Oscherwitz, chief privacy officer for ID Analytics, Inc.

“Friending someone online is not risk-free. Just as in the bricks-and-mortar world, it makes sense to exercise a bit of prudence. Most social networking profiles contain personal information that can be used by fraudsters, and when you friend someone, you are giving them access to this information.”...

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13 Million Americans Leave the Door Open to Identity Theft on Social Networks, ID Analytics [image courtesy]
Fraudsters can use information in social networking profiles to build the dossiers they need to beat challenge questions and other security measures on financial accounts. The key identity elements that consumers should be careful before exposing on social networks are:

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March 20, 2011

Visual Resume - Revisited

Is This the Coolest Student Journalist Resume Ever? J-School Buzz,

We think it is, but we don't know anything about design. This is Convergence Senior Chris Spurlock's resume, and it's the best resume for a student journalist we've ever seen. But like we said, we're not design-minded people, so we want to get the input of people who do know a thing or two about design. That's where you come in! continue reading

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